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I'm looking to move up to MF but am faced with a problem - price. The only MF SLR's even vaguely within my budget are Bonica 645's. Surfing through eBay has offered another route - Mamiya C330 TLR.

Aside from the obvious problem with parallax error is there any reason why I shouldn't seriously consider this camera? The C series Mamiya's are particularly appealing because of their ability to change lenses but, unless i've misundestood, the C330 is the only one that can be changed with film in the camera.

Please help.
Please don’t confuse a “problem” with a feature – the parallax of a TLR, so often mentioned with respect to a disadvantage, is easily overcome with care in operation. And care of operation is one of the features of MF photography, isn’t it? Other “disadvantages” are also overstated in many contexts.

One feature common to all TLRs, which I personally find bothersome sometimes. is the relatively dim finder(s). A rangefinder such as the Koni Omega mentioned in a previous post is very good if this is your personal problem. I love the lens system of the Rolli but I chose the Mamiya C330f for the interchangeable lens system. I never use a Yashica but believe you would be quite satisfied with one as an experiment to realize the potentials etc of the TLR system(s). Cost wise it may be your best deal.

I have friends who use the Hassy system and frankly, though I would love to own one so I could say I own one, I have never been able to convince myself that 4-5 times the cost would be worth it. Sorry.