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So Saturday I hand-loaded some fresh Delta 400, not exactly the OP's Tri-X, but close in a general sense.

Ran a test to find my limits again, ... The prints from 160 & 800 are virtually indistinguishable.
Great test! Need some higher-scale tests, you know black dog in shade of a tree in a park with the white dog in the sun. Brown dog can play Frisbee with a gray card. But still a great test (since you went to the trouble to do it) and proves its point.

I never got to ask Todd-Zakia when they did the demonstration that 2-stops underexposed pretty much trashed your chances. Theirs was a guy in the sun in a suit with a white shirt and sunglasses, gray scale and gray card...

These are the questions I could never ask them:

Did you cut the film and develop the 800 longer and the 160 less? Did you go to great heroics to make the best possible prints? Was there any clear choice if you had to pick a favorite, did negs near 250 print the easiest? Any gleanings like that from this test?