I was so excited to get this camera. I have only recently discovered I love film and then only in 35mm format and a couple of 4x5. Medium Format seemed like a great way to get the image quality I was looking for (large prints) and also the quality of image I was looking for (film). The camera arrived with a 6x8 back and a polaroid back came the next day. I decided to start with a couple packs of Fuji instant to make sure every thing was working as it should. It was, but there was a lot of user error those first two packs! Then I was confident enough to try the film back. I loaded the camera up with Velvia and took some "test" shots in the neighborhood. Luckily for me, the neighborhood is Lake Tahoe/Sierra Nevada. 3 locations, three days. Each shot bracketed +/- one stop gave me nine exposures. That is all you get off a 6x8 back I guess. I posted the shots in the gallery for your comments.

So, what do I think of the RB67 Pro SD with the Mamiya Polaroid back and the Mamiya 6x8 motorized back? This thing is a tank. It is hard to lug around. It's heavy, unwieldy, and can be difficult to focus in some situations. Have I been spoiled? The cameras I've been using in 35mm are a Nikon F100 with various AI-S primes, an Olympus RC35 rangefinder, and a Leica 3f with a 50mm collapsible lens. Every one a dream to use (expect loading that damn Leica). I also have started dabbling in 4x5. Also a fantastic experience, but for completely different reasons. The slow and thoughtful methodology of the field camera forces me to be a better photographer. The RB67 seems somewhere in between, but not pleasantly. I think it might actually weigh more than my field camera. After shooting a number of rolls, I just wasn't feeling the love for the RB.

Then I got the negatives back.