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Not too bad at all. Remember, the "hobby market" is providing at least some of the demand for $7,000.00 Leicas. If the apocalypse comes a small group could go in on this for a simple B&W emulsion. In the meantime your film needs can be supplied by any of several manufacturers.

I've never made and coated my own emulsion but it actually looks pretty simple (a wire wrapped rod; how elegant!) How come nobody talks about the sprocket hole puncher? Now that's something the home-made folks could get their teeth into.

For myself, if I were coating I would likely be targeting 120 size. Then the issue becomes a stable backing paper which doesn't interact with the film instead of how to punch holes.

For what is likely not going to be as good as Plus-X or FP4, I suspect a homemade emulsion would benefit greatly from the larger negative size.

Stable, chemically inert backing paper isn't so easy, however. About the cheapest I ever saw was the stuff on the Shanghai GP3 Chinese film. It seemed almost like children's construction paper. Then you have to print numbers which are chemically inert.

None of this is impossible, but it sure isn't trivial.