Saturday 24th November
Suggested rendezvous at Cape Woolamai car park, 3.30pm
ITEM: Cape Woolomai / The Pinnacles, whatever takes your fancy in the afternoon.

It is a 2.4km walk to The Pinnacles from the Woolamai car park.
Hang around The Pinnacles until 8.30ish, and a bit later for the afterglow.
Return to cars and either a) leave for home; or b) group dinner at Cowes (17km).

Heads so far:
Poisson Du Jour (Garyh)
SMBooth (Shane)
Munz6869 (Marc & Christine)
Oxleyroad (Andy)
LJH (Lachlan)
Mrsmiggins (Frank)
Another count to confirm numbers around 21-23rd. Car pooling can be organised then.
• If the weather outlook is poor for Saturday 24th we will discuss rescheduling the event, but fingers crossed it is the right place at the right time!