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I'm wanting to have a bash at pt/pd printing, and although I plan on using a digitally enlarged positives from my original film, I hope my question still stands and is within APUG's scope...

I use both 6x7 and 6x17 panoramic medium format cameras. Because of the wonky size of the 6x17, contact frames are likely to be problematic, so I'm looking at a UV vacuum unit instead. (I use a big vacuum unit at the Print Studio for my polymer photogravures, and have come to appreciate the advantages of vacuum units).

Do you think something like this would be a good option?
You might want to test out the unit before buying, when i started looking at these types of a units quite a while back i experienced problems due to the fact that the uv tubes were set at a fixed distance and could not be modified resulting in uneven expsoure and what seemed to look like some sort of 'uv burn' on the final print. there might be a way around this but like I said see if you can test one that would be best.