Hi all

I currently use the following films:
Fuji NPS 160 (120 & 4x5 sheet)
Fuji Provia 120 (120 & 4x5 sheet)
Ilford FP4+ 125 (4x5 sheet)
Ilford HP5+ (120)
Forte Fortepan 200 (4x5 sheet)

I know that all of these films have information online or on enclosed data sheets regarding reciprocity, etc. But I would be curious to know what other users have had success with. For example, I typically shoot FP4+ at 100 instead of 125 and my reciprocity runs the gambit depending on the situation; Thank God it's a forgiving film because sometimes I totally forget to compensate at all. And I'm really wanting for information regarding the Fortepan as I've never shot with it before. I bought it because it was cheap and wanted to give it a go.

So, does anyone care to share? Hey, thanks in advance!