Hi folks,

I've been having some good success with expired Orwo films, particularly when stand developed. However, I would now like to try "normal" development techniques.

I've read up about the various agitation schedules that folks use on this and other forums, but would like to try (as a starting point), the schedule recommended by Orwo themselves.

The leaflet included with Orwo films usually refers to Orwo Instruction 1100 for futher processing information, and this is available, with processing times, on the net here:


It states that "All developing times refer to continuous moderate agitation in the solutions, comp. p9)", but unfortunately p9 has not been uploaded.

Could some kind person have a look at their Orwo Receipes / Rezepte book if they have have one, and let me know what it says about the definition of agitation on p9? (may be a different page number in the German version).

I have also acquired some Orwo NP10, 8ASA(!), exp 1966(!), so also going to have a try an getting an image out of it. Apparently kept well, but who knows? Had success with ancient Panatomic X, so crossing my fingers I can repeat the success...

Anyway, because the film is so old and wasn't in production that long I believe, I cannot find any processing times listed anywhere. Does anyone have a copy of an Orwo Recipes / Rezepte book, probably published between 1963 and 1966ish that they could look at to see if there is a time for NP10 listed?

I have genuine Orwo R09, A49 and A03 which are working perfectly, so will be using one of these..

Thanks for any help you can give!