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Beating that horse again and again: it is not an issue of technology and competence but economics.
In the past 7 manufacturers aside of Kodak made such type of film.
I, for the most part, understand that it is all a problem of making batches economically (especially small ones). I wonder what God and Man did to make the original formula in small batches before signing with Kodak.

Unfortunately, I feel that beating the horse is going to be inevitable for the foreseeable future (not just me and my occasional musings on it), until future generations become mostly ignorant of Kodachrome (and the concept of film) altogether. I can see kids 20 years from now scratching their heads when hearing Paul Simon singing that song.

For now, I will still stick with E6 and whatever else is left (I'm happy to have even that). And at least I can talk about my passion for film here. I went on a rant last year on the Pentax Forums after I read a statement by one of the former Kodak employees who stated he wished that film would disappear (while commenting on our favorite horse carcass). I faced an onslaught of criticism from the mostly digital people after venting, so I exiled myself from there. Yikes...