You may frown upon this suggestion but I use a Nikon 28-80. F3.5-5.6. with a 55mm filter It is one of the 'kit lenses' sold with older bodies F60 etc but by jingo is it sharp! It only has a plastic mount and not the stainless or chromed version but that doesn't detract from its capabilities. There is some distortion but it isn't bad. Have a look at the test conducted by Ken Rockwell. Just Google 28-80 Nikon lens test and it will come up on the screen.

A little heavier, well quite a bit is the 28-85. F3.5-4.5 with a 62mm filter. That too is sharp, but a little prone to flare so a hood is essential. It has distortion too, but not noticeable unless there are prominent straight lines at the edge of the frame Early versions (AFN) are selling cheaply at present and there are several advertised in the Photo Journals for around 80. Again a Ken Rockwell tEst will show what it is capable of.