The definitive test for your situation is to calibrate your process with a projected step wedge. I use it to figure how old paper responds.

Print 170 (or your max) M then 30 less to 140 then once you are down to 110M, start going down in 15M steps to zero, then start winding in 15M Y untilo 110, then wind in 30 steps to 170Y. Prints do not need to be large. Mine with a 6x6 step wedge end up a bit more than 2.5" square, projected with a lot of bellows extension. write filtration in back with pencil. Process all at once for say 2'. Read the number of steps from all black to all white, and figure out what fitration gave what responses, Build a table. The next step is to add back in neutral density to give constant expsoure times with some selected image tone.

I learned all of this from a post written on this site by the usuer 'noseoil' about 5-7 years ago.