I think most of the options have been covered now.

I have a couple of 6x9 folders, a Franka and Moskva 5, plus a Century Graphic. The Moskva is probably the hardest to handhold, but on a tripod it is very sharp; for the $20 or so that it cost, I certainly can't complain. The only other thing to count against it is lack of filter thread - I still need to find which size slip-ons it might take. It is a leftie's camera too.

The CG is bigger, but not any heavier and is certainly more flexible. The Franka is the easiest to use, the lightest and smallest, has a threaded filter mount, but it is guess focus. Unfortunately, you can't leave the filter attached and still close the camera.

For under $100, you should be able to get somehting quite reasonable to have a play with, and still get most of your money back should you decide to sell it.