Say at Costco photo center. How do they make color prints? I just see they have a large machine, like a larger Xerox machine and color prints come out like a real Xerox. I do not see the machine is connected to any sink or water source.

I understand that most of the commercial color prints are printed by the printers. There is a laser enlarger inside. It projects the optical image onto the RA-4 paper, like Fuji or Kodak. The image is also auto analyzed by the analyzer. Then the prints were cut and processed in a roller machine. All the chemicals are recycled and it uses a standard wash/rinse, instead of water rinse. Then the prints were dried and packaged. Operators are only needed to feed the negative and collect the prints and occasionally chemical replenishment.

Then I think with the same machine, you can project digital images onto the color paper too. Then the paper is processed the same way and there is no difference between analog vs digital. RA-4 photo prints do look better than the inkjet prints.

Is the above correct?