I don't know for sure about Costco, but I did operate a Noritsu printer for a few years. The RA4 paper is first cut to the proper size from a roll, then exposed not by laser but by a complex light matrix using a quartz lamp. The paper sheets then go through a roller transport processor with a drier at the end. The operator needs to add water and fresh chemicals when prompted by the machine. There is no need to have direct water hookup, just electricity. The whole process is run by a computer using Windows and proprietary software. Prints can be made either by scanning film, or directly from customer image files. Either way, an operator can adjust color and density before the image gets printed (my job). I also directed big prints to a large format Epson printer for inkjet printing. The inkjet prints and RA4 prints were similar enough to mix in the same customer order. If you have additional questions, just ask ---john.