Hi Everyone,
I've recently been offered a solo exhibition of a recent body of work. These are to be shown in an area of the State Buildings here in Los Angeles CA. The problem I'm facing is that the cost of this falls on me. Therefore, the biggest factor in deciding to go through with this or not is how to keep costs to a reasonable level. The cost of framing this is easily the most expensive aspect. I'm thinking of 20-30 photographs. I was leaning toward 16x20 size prints, but may end up doing 11x14 instead to keep costs down. Even mediocre frames from places like Michaels (an arts and crafts chain), Target, Ikea and so fourth run about $30 and up. As you can see, this is going to run into some serious money. Can anyone offer an alternative? Perhaps there are places that one can rent frames for a couple of months?
Thanks for replies.