My apologies, everyone. I'm familiar with DPUG, but I didn't realize that it is so taboo to mention anything of digital nature here on APUG. But I guess there's a reason the two forums are separated. My intent was not to stir any trouble. As other members have mentioned above (and as originally stated in my OP), I do use all of my "digital" lenses with my A2 (and Rebel G, but not for long as I am selling that).

Regarding my digital gear, no, I don't "need" any of it. Then again, I don't "need" any of my film gear, either. Photography is a hobby for me (it used to be a business before I started graduate school). I think tkamiya said it best. I am a photographer and photographs are what I take. I use the different tools for different jobs, neither medium - analog or digital - are "best" for me. I choose my tools based on assignment (whether that be for me or a client).

That all said, no more talk of "digihell" gear! I'm here to learn about film - specifically, how to develop!