It is not the paper or chemicals, I have tons of them. It is the time. I do not want to spend 3 hours just to make one large print. Actually it took me more than that time just to make a good test print.

Of course this is my first time with RA-4 and I had to set up everything, from mixing the chemicals, cutting the paper to the lengthy exposure time experimenting. I used to print BW VC papers with another enlarger, so the exposure time is way off. With my old enlarger, I had to exposure it more than 1 minute to get a good print. (VC grade 4, 8x10 size from 35mm and Omega condenser head.)

What I can tell is that the chemicals are all good, the Fuji Super C paper is very good. And the exposure time is very very short. I believe all the new type color paper are designed for both digital and analog. So the fast speed.