I just wanted to update this as there has been some considerable changes in the local labs.

1. Helix has stopped processing film.
2. Phoenix Imaging was sold to a digital printing company and they have moved to Lake Street near downtown. In the basement of that building, Gamma Imaging is located. Phoenix and Gamma both do good work (C41&E6). I think Gamma actually outsources some stuff to Phoenix. Also, both of them outsource B&W processing to some *mystery* entity in Evanston.
3. Central Camera used to use Helix for a lot of their stuff. They now send it to Dwayne's in Kansas.
4. CSW still does E6 and C41, but not B&W.

As far as I know those are the only three "pro" film labs left in the area. If anyone has more info, please share.

One more thing, Printlab does B&W processing, but focuses on high end printing projects, both darkroom and digital.