Matt, i will trust your recollections of whether slides or negs/prints were more expensive at the time, and likely the $12.99 processing included fits what I was thinking it cost (and in line with what was in the article i posted). At any rate, (whether it was cheaper than prints) that was not cheap back then -- $12.99 plus tax would be close to $40 today. Being a poor student, I did stop shooting 'chromes for financial reasons, but perhaps that was at some point later on in the 90's when all the grocery stores had photolabs and were churning out the prints for peanuts. I consider those the dark days of my film life -- not helped by the fact that i ignored my OM-2 for a decade and used this crappy P&S with a bad zoom and a really bad autofocus -- I was young and dumb, but that is no excuse!