Stereotypes are senseless. You can spend a lifetime learning to print either color or black and white,
or learn the basics of either in half an hour. But for some reason the average high school tuba player
is not welcome in a coat n' tails symphony orchestra, regardless of whether the performace is broadcast in color TV or black and white. Maybe if some of you were exposed to really high quality
serious color prints more often instead of moth-on-windshield web smudges you'd understand the
difference. But this does not mean color printing needs to be intimidating to a beginner. You can do
basic RA4 in an inexpensive drum, and regular RA4 paper is more economical than those blank pieces
of paper that get sold to the inkjet users. Just remember to be cautious with the chemicals, have
good ventilation, and know how to properly control temperature. Printing from chromes (slides) is
getting tougher in the darkroom, and has always been more complicated if you wanted good results.
So it's easier to learn color printing by shooting color negative film.