Usually for film the first developer is a contrasty one, with some thiocyanate added to get all of the image developed. Then you rinse/stop bath, and bleach the first development away. After this you can work in tungsten light. You wash more, use a clearing bath optically (or even chemically reverse, but I a not a fan of the chemistry involved - tins in solution usually) fog in strong light and then plunk them back into the regular developer stop and fix.

To calibrate your process I would recommend starting with a step wedge image. Look on Ilford's site. They have a document on reversal processing film that will get you thinking. Stick with RC paper if you can- FB will take forever to rinse the bleach staining away.

PM me and I will work on digging up more documentation if you want to chase this down. My notes on this are at home, and I am taking a brain break here at work at the moment.