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If I gave an infinite number of Leica II cameras to an infinite amount of monkeys with an infinite supply of film. In an infinite amount of time, would they be able to produce a shot like the Puddle Jumper?
No because photography requires too much reasoning. Besides, they would not write on APUG and we would never know (given an infinite amount of time they will write some Shakespearean prose, but will be no clue to us that they have produced another puddle jumper ).

Possibly, given a decent and much less than infinite amount of monkey and a decent amount of colour and time they can create works of art which would be quite appreciated by some rich New York gallery client. Or, given some more time, they can certainly compose something with more musical meaning than the average Stockhausen production.

The problem would come when, after all the expense and effort, you try to capitalize on your genius monkey (you will "market" it as your genius monkey). Animal protection group will eat you alive for exploiting the genius of the unsuspecting monkey, you will be fined for not having respected hours limits, you will have to pay an infinite amount of past contributions to private insurance and social security, and you'll probably will have to re-educate your monkey to non-painting to compensate it from the violent deprivation of its monkey-ness. You will then have to reintroduce it among its peers (somewhere between art critics or journalists writing about economics).

I would not embark in such an endeavour.