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The question is: CAN you develop a roll of KODAKCHROME at that price if I put the money on the table?
My train of though really. Not that I am interested personally. But the questions that came to my mind were:

- is the Kodachrome processing really feasible at this time?
- how many rolls would need to be ordered for the work to start?

At that price the interest is probably limited to particular situations. We "poor" people can never imagine how many people are there who just don't know how to spend their money. During a staying abroad many years ago I personally knew a person who would certainly be glad to have somebody buy for them a Kodachrome roll on the internet, develop it for $250, by a slide projector and organize a projection while boosting that the entire operation costed him $1000 and considering it a very funny thing to say (laughing very loudly, that is: there's no limit to the vulgarity of certain "new rich").

BUT if the process is feasible, the "first adopter" will slightly make it more affordable for the subsequent ones.

The problem with the production of Kodachrome film remains.

I think I shot one or two rolls of Kodachrome in my life, so it's more of an academic interest.