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Just FYI, the attached item shows how we make emulsions, coat film, and do the final operations of slitting, chopping, perfing and spooling. My thanks to the unknown artist who did this.
The art style looks like it was done by one of the "usual gang of idiots" at Mad Magazine. The one I'm thinking about did the last page in the magazine, before the "fold-up" page.

(Memorable: man walking down the street past various shops and signs: "Phonebone's Glasses" with a huge pair of glasses, "Phonebone's Umbrellas" with a huge umbrella, "Phonebone's Wigs" with a huge wig, "Phonebone's Bandanas" with a huge bandana, "Phonebone's Shoes" with a huge pair of shoes. Then the fellow rounds the corner and there's a giant standing there wearing the glasses, holding the umbrella, wearing the wig and shoes, and the bandana is wrapped around his waist. Another sign reads, "Phonebone.")