Hi Guys,

We have posted our new workshops for 2013 and one of them we're featuring a washed silver-bromide developing-out emulsion scheduled in March. Ron mentioned to me that there might be some confusion as to the content based on the course description. Yes, naturally, we will be coating glass plates, shooting them with a camera and processing them. We'll proof the negatives as well.

As with all of our photographic workshops we always make images with the photosensitive materials we produce during a workshop. I'll make sure this is made more obvious in the gelatin emulsion description. We also always include viewing amazing images of the featured process from the George Eastman House collection.

As of today this workshop is a go. We already have three people registered and it was only listed a week ago. So, if you are interested, I suggest you register before January 2013 if you want to attend. You'll find the listing for all the 2013 workshops by doing a search for "Workshops at George Eastman House." These include everything from 1821 physautotype process to the gelatin emulsion workshop, with daguerreotype, dry collodion negative, wet collodion negative, carbon printing, albumen and salt printing and much more inbetween.

We are currently prepping for a collodion-chloride printing-out paper workshop we are conducting next week. And yes, we'll make prints with that emulsion. :-)

If you have specific questions about any of the workshops or private instruction in a multitude of processes... Email me directly at mosterman@geh.org


Mark Osterman