Hi All. As you know if you have read my posts, I'm struggling with a way to go forward with a larger negative size. I love my GA645 but want something larger. One cheaper way to do this is to pick up one of the older Fuji rangefinders. I had one of those loooong ago and know what they can produce, which is amazing quality. However, I had one problem with my old GSW690 which really made me down on that camera. Whenever I changed film brands, the new roll of film would NEVER roll tight. At all. If I had a roll of Kodak film in the camera and finished it and then rolled some Fuji, when that roll was finished, it would be very loose, with plenty of light leaking. No matter what I did, that always happened. I ended up tossing a roll of film everytime I changed brands. What a waste.

I am guessing that this is not terribly common, otherwise these Fuji rangefinders would not be so popular. However, I'm wondering how often this occurs. I had the GSW690 I camera. Would something like this happen with a GSW690 III? Or any of the III model rangefinders?

So far this has NEVER happened with my GA645 which makes me really happy. I'd really hate to regress in this area.