I cannot see how framing can be done cheaply. Framing is so often a costly job where skilled professionals are doing it. It has to be top-notch quality to showcase your work, to convey the message that you care not just for capturing the scene, but for presenting it. The quality of the framing must be up to the quality of the finished print with which it is charged for protecting for perpetuity, not just 20 years (how about 200, 300?). All of my printing is done with Crescent rag mat (9 ply), UV retardant glass, Burke black 2cm ebony moulding and coated hanging wire — never changed the recipe since 1989. It must be the way I started in photography so long ago to treat everything with a quality holistic touch and never cut corners and look cheap,. But I've paid the price of having to live on a boiled egg for a fortnight. Things are better now (but still expensive!) but my unwavering belief is that I will never ever sacrifice beautiful prints with "high street kiosk" framing. Especially if having a solo exhibition: if it's your first, that first impression is the one most likely to define you in the future and you, as well as your work, must be able to give the competition (and prospective buyers!) something to think about.