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I hear you on the "one lens-one camera" preference. Cool photos; is that a bit of barrel distortion I see?
Thanks! That one is actually taken with my 35mm prime, could possibly be barrel distortion although who knows with that old building. That's been the 'one lens' for the past six weeks or so.

I just got some rolls of Provia back from the lab most of which was shot on the 45-85, it's all scanned but haven't gotten anything uploaded yet. Really, really happy with the results though. I spent a weekend up on a mountain and packed four lenses around (fisheye, wide zoom, normal prime, tele prime), ended up shooting the zoom almost all of the time and the only other shots worth keeping are a few from my fisheye lens. If I did the same trip again I'd bring the 35 and 45-85 and nothing else.