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Just a suggestion but try running an eraser over the contact of the battery. It may be they are just slightly dirty and not making good contact. I'm not sure you can get at the contacts on/in the camera itself but if you can do it to them as well.

Good luck, I'd be really bummed if mine bit the dust.
Thank you for you advice,When you said not making good contact,i used my tester and i check the voltage of all battery, and they are all good but when i put them all together on the holder it give me very low voltage. i got an idea to clean the whole battery holder since the contact inside looks clean... so i put a baking soda on the small container with water since i don't have contact cleaner right now,and i sunk the whole battery holder on it for few minutes and i dried it, and put the battery again and i check the voltage and gave me a reading what is supposed to be... when i put on my camera it works...

that save me so much time and money sending it to the technician...

thanks again..