Thank you all so much for the wealth of info. So many ways to consider. I agree with George Collier about how a nicely framed print gives a print a dignified look. I visited a Daido Moriyama exhibit at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art this past summer. Moriyama included a number of recent color (!) prints. These were not framed, they were mounted and tacked onto the wall. It made me think that these were included in a hasty, less thought out way then his vintage framed prints. Nevertheless, I visited the Peter Fetterman gallery in Santa Monica today to ask him about the wonderful unframed but matted prints he has for sale. He gave me the name of the place that does the cutting for him. I've pretty much settled on 11x14 size as from what I can gather this is the largest available off the shelf...going up to 16x20 would require a custom job.