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And then there is the danger of running into a board meeting of the local Hispanic controlled substance distribution society.

I think I wouldn't venture out to some of these places with a cute little nude model unless I had a couple of beefy assistants whose knuckles drag. Perhaps a recruitment visit to your local bodybuilding gymn is in order?
Hahaha. I think we're on the same page as far as this issue. I'll probably carry a can of pepper spray just in case; my Jeet Kune Do is a little rusty lately. Actually, my model is 6 feet tall and can probably overpower me (sounds like fun, huh?).

Thanks for all the advice so far. All of the suggestions sound great. I think the first thing to do is get a Luna Pro F so that I can get some starting points as far as exposure. Looks like a great little meter. Anyone have any opinions on it? After I get the meter, I'll start doing test rolls with my F3. After I'm happy with the results, I'll break out the Blad.