Thanks for all the positive comments everyone. A few more thoughts on the RB67. When I decided to move into MF, I really wanted something that was different than an rangefinder. I was specifically looking to shoot with something that had a WLF (versus a viewfinder) to mimic the process I'm learning to enjoy with the field camera. I also find myself attracted to the 4x5 and 6x7 aspect ratios and to a lesser extent 6x6. I am always cropping my 35mm to a more square format. It was also important that I have easy access to all the system pieces and repairs if necessary. I preferred a camera that needed no batteries and had a solid reputation for reliability and longevity. That really narrowed down my search to Mamiya TLR, Mamiya RB/RZ, Bronica, Pentax 67, and Hasselblad. While everyone may have a favorite, all of these camera systems are capable of producing world class professional results. In other words, regardless of the system, the limiting factor is the equipment between my ears. For me, the final decision came down to price. I know that sounds lame, but the whole system with a 50, 90, and 140 lens, two 120 backs, one 120/220 6x8 back, and a polaroid back cost $800.

Now that I've had it a few months, I've learned a few things. It is capable of taking amazing photos. And not just super sharp, highly saturated velvia slides. It really works well for polaroids. In fact, I have enjoyed shooting with the polaroid back so much, I purchased a Land 250 and sent it to Jason Wolffe to refurbish. But it is also heavy and it is no replacement for large format. In fact, I often find myself thinking "why didn't I just use my Shen Hao for this shot?". Well the reason is I can get my 120 film done cheap and local with excellent results. Getting my 4x5 film developed is a pain in the ass and expensive. But should I be thinking this? I never have that feeling when I'm shooting my F100. Usually I'm thinking "why can't every camera be this awesome!" I guess bottom line is that while I am enjoying the learning and I am making the best photos of my life, I don't know if the RB67 is going to win me over long term. I guess only time will tell, but I do know this - I just ordered a bunch of 4x5 film.