I agree that film rules, but personally, as someone who has used computers since being a child, I'm more comfortable with backup on computers than keeping film safe. Film can be destroyed in one fire, flood, or theft. Proper backups, can last forever*.

A backup in the same location as the original isn't a backup. Use something like Dropbox, Amazon S3, Box.net, Google Drive to store on a global network. Amazon S3 is especially good as they replicate your data across their own global data centres.

The great thing about computer data is that copies are perfect, making 10 copies of each negative is difficult, time consuming, and you may not even get the original's quality. Making 10 copies of digital files, stored all over the world in multiple locations is trivial.

I love film, I don't shoot digital at all any more, but I'd much prefer to have digital's method of storage/backup than film. I argue the case for film given a chance, but I don't mention storage, as personally, I feel safer with computers than a physical filing cabinet.

*Skynet attack excluded