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How often has human theory been wrong?

If the universe is not infinite, what is beyond the 'end'? Surely there must be something there.
Knowledge can be wrong if the theory is wrong. Nothing is definitive and what was right one day could be wrong the day after. Newton's laws were considered as right for centuries and were replaced in the 20th century by other laws (einstein et al.). But if you want to send a satellite around the Earth, it is way enough. This approach is much more constructive than belief (or dogma) which explains nothing.

Back to the (in)finite universe. What is beyond the end? Nothing as there is no "end". Difficult to visualize 'cause it does not fit our everyday's experience but it is one logical way to explain what astronomers observe.

If the universe was infinite (without limit), reality would be much more difficult to explain. back to the dogma thing: an assertion without any explanation.