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Thanks for that, Bill.

To clarify, I meant turn the crank in reverse to the way it turns when you're winding the film, therefore turn it the way it turns when rewinding.

What I should have said was: Without pushing the rewind button, carefully turn the rewind knob like you were rewinding, and if there's film loaded, it will start to tighten up.
Right lxdude,

And to clarify... I had once taken this to the level of obsession, like a nervous tic, even though I knew film was loaded, I'd cinch the rewind practically every time I had the camera around my neck. I got all these dark crescent moon shaped stress marks in the skies of all my horizontal slides taken with 35mm lens on OM-4. When I stopped that habit the marks were less prevalent though still happened occasionally - I think I reduced the habit but still did it from time to time.