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yes I know but astrophysicists seem to be in agreement that it is expanding and therefore if its infinite, infinite doesn't mean what you and I think it does. It's a philosophical problem for you to satisfy yourself with. Do you think it's infinite?

I would add that since human knowledge is very far from being infinite we can only define within those finite limits of knowledge. Therefore it is impossible define something as being infinite since we don't have the knowledge to do so. That is what expanding the boundaries of knowledge are all about. Of course there will be differences of opinion when you are dealing with unproved theories. Until the theories are proved they are just theories and not fact. And until knowledge is infinite there will always be uncertainty and whilst there is uncertainty you can't say the unverse is infinite or not but at the moment we have applied the limits of our knowledge to the definition of the universe and that doesn't include everything so currently the universe is finite.
Just my opinion YMMV
So, there's consensus among a group of people who are not quite sure whether they are correct? I'll take that as a definition any day.
I understand where you're coming from, and I don't wish to contradict you. But until somebody can prove that 'whatever is around us out there' is one way or the other, we can assume anything we want, theorizing ad nauseum, including an infinite place.

What is space? It is a concept invented by humans, and a very long time ago, so the definition will only be as good as our current understanding of it.