Round #27 Comments on prints that have piled up to date at my end:

Anakin – Bridge of Glass- random colors and shapes of glass from this artist created ceiling display. Wonderful in all manners.

Ozphoto Print from Agfachrome . A very neat disjointed view of a TV transmitting tower as reflected in a window comprised of many panes with varied reflection angles.

Matt King – Spiders showing off their legs – A nicely duo toned low key image with good texture rendering, and a nice placement of the spiders within the frame.

Piu58 – The Book- I quite like the way the embossed signature breaks up the looming black base in the statue plinth in the foreground. The otherwise featureless blackness of this plinth does pull my eye away from the rest of the image a bit too much, however. I do like the way you have arranged the balance of the elements within the image.

Peter Schrager – 3 all Day- A cool near abstraction at first glance, with the way all of the elements are placed within the frame. The second look shows all sorts of neat detail, and the astounding deal of $3 parking in LA, which if you have been there, really is quite a deal.

Rudiger rst– Paris street scene - A print with a deliberate low contrast mated well to the matt print surface. A tasteful classic arrangement within the frame; the lamp standard with the soccer ball manipulating performer in one direction, and the placement of the sky, background city view, and foreground in the other direction paying homage to the guideline of thirds.

The print is slightly lacking in contrast for my tastes. I would have sacrificed the detail in the white ball cap in the foreground and expanded the mid tone tonal range, or just developed the negative more at the time of film development if I knew all the images on the roll were shot in a low contrast light.