Wedding photographers do their gig for the even budget end process they might charge for a very good reason. I have done three wedding, over 20 years ago now.

It is not an easy gig. Count on it eating way more time in communcation and coordination than you could ever imagine. It is your reputation as a photographer that depends on you keeping up with these aspects of the event. You are more than a guy with a camera here, what ever that it is you think you are doing.

Do it as a package, not a by the hour thing, or she will be paying way more than she thinks.

Coordination and planning time is a cost. You as a minimim must intervuiew the client for whayt they want and then look at the venues at the times the event is to occur, to plan out the lighting if it will be sunny or overcast (natural or flash assisted to tame contrast ratios, or just to get enough light in the space?). Alos you need a contingency plan for rain or snow.

Will the gig need an assistant to hold a reflector and herd the guests? The photographer does not have time for that.

You are really going to do more than turn over a CD of all of your images are you not? At least weed out the real duds? That takes time. Provide colour correction if necessary, because no online service is going to deal with that. An the end result, the images is what you are standing behind, whether you printed it or some onlone service.

I hope this bit of a rant lets you see I think there is always more than just a guy with a cmaera working by the hour for these type of assignments. Maybe I am way too old school. Oh well.