A quick look on CL will show the typical rate for a "photographer who is just starting out or does photography on the side" in your area. Most of the ad's I've seen are a flat rate for time and CD (obviously digital). You'll have to do the math between an hourly rate and fixed fee for their event.

If I take my niece's recent wedding (a fairly typical event), there was a posed shoot prior to the ceremony (1.5 hours I would guess), the ceremony (1 hour), the reception (4 hours, but not sure the photographer was there the whole time). Plus a bit of dead time between ceremony and reception. That doesn't include any prep time (meeting with bride and groom, reviewing the location, testing equipment, etc), travel time, or post processing.

I think it somewhat depends on whether this couple wants the wedding captured on film or doesn't care. My guess is that they'll also want scanned images so factor that in as well. Also, will you be getting any revenue from print sales?

I also think the common expectation is for lots and lots of images, rather than a fewer number of carefully composed and selected images. If shooting film, you'll need to manage their expectations.

$30 would not cover 2 rolls of film, processing, and proofs (except perhaps mail order).