I've had a series of really unfortunate events with this camera. When purchased, it was listed as fully functional... it wasn't. The seller, after a great deal of correspondence, agreed to pay for the repair cost. He was on holiday at the time (conveniently) and had to make the transaction abroad. I sent the camera off to the repair specialist listing all the problems and it arrived to me partially repaired - the shutter was still playing up, which I clearly noted as a fault. They agreed to take another look, I sent it off again, rang them on Friday and they said it had been sent back. Rang them again today as it still hasn't arrived and their response was "that's strange". Waiting to hear back from them, but it's pretty clear the camera is lost.

I'm pretty devastated. Just as I would have taken responsibility had it been lost when I sent it out, once the camera was in the hands of the repair place it was their responsibility to get it back to me, and a tracked service would have made sense. But was it legally their responsibility? I'm not sure what to do about the situation. Should I expect to be compensated?