I just read the whole thread, well scanned some of it.

The instructions for my C41 mini kit (500ml) is confusing to me when used on the stabilizer with a Jobo 1540 tank.
Per the instructions for my Jobo 1540 tank:
Developer 470ml Rotation (Water 325ml, Part A 47ml, Part B 47 ml, Part C 47ml, Starter 4.7ml)
Bleacher 470ml Rotation (Water 338ml, Bleach 132 ml)
Fixer 470ml Rotation (Water 376ml, Fixer 94 ml)
Stabilizer 470ml Rotation (Water 423ml, Stabilizer 47ml) Supplied size is 25ml of stabilizer

I assume that since the instructions specifically state a Jobo tank size, in my case the 1540 that I need 470ml of fluid to properly cover the film in a rotation setup. Thus the stabilizer in the mini kit at 25ml is not enough for this tank and I should use a larger kit to ensure I have at least 470ml for each chemical. Is this correct?

Instructions attached