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There are 3 or 4 active "Kodachrome is dead, the sky is falling" threads active right now. A fair percentage of my mail is about "what can you do about Kodachrome" and what I can do or want to do is zip! To me, to some extent, these threads are an annoyance. Now, if someone is faced with the best photomaterial in the world, and has never used it, well, how can they complain now when it is gone? They were part of the problem!

I laugh but there is some truth to the bizarre proposal to chain me in a barn and have me process Kodachrome, or build the equipment to coat it. Some people think I can or would do something if the price was right.

Perhaps you see where I am coming from? I wish all of these threads were closed.

I can understand annoyance with the mail. If I were you I'd compose a standard reply that said politely but tersely "not a damned thing I can do, it's gone, get over it and use the E6 films you prefer if you don't want to lose them too" or something to that effect and just paste it into each one of them.

The threads are a different matter. You can ignore them easily with the ignore thread feature. It comes across like the fact you're tired of hearing something means you think no one else should be allowed to talk about it. I'm in agreement with Ken. I don't think threads should ever be closed on any forum just because one poster, no matter how knowledgeable and helpful in the general topic, finds the subject annoying to the point of being a pet peeve, even though the subject is also on topic. I've ignored plenty of threads. On another forum I'm on I have (I just counted) 198 threads on ignore, yet I participate there almost daily. Granted, that list goes back to 2008 and many of them could not doubt safely be taken off ignore now.