comment to Roy, I have just processed two 35mm rolls of Fuji Acros in Dixactol Ultra

I have not got the paperwork in front of me now but I presume the Ultra is the follow up to the original Dixactol, some of which I still have. If you confirm this and it is a staining developer, I shall do a roll each in that and the two bath dev he suggests would be better for the emulsion. Someone on another list, which I found tedious and a bit petty, so I unsubscribed, said they got super results in PMK without re-soaking so why BT should suggest a staining dev could be harmful to the emulsion, I do not know. Anyway, I shall let you know how I get on but I shall not be able to make any prints for a while as I have had a hip replaced and my darkroom is in my loft!!