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To answer you question:

Stabilizer is not used inside the tank and certainly not inside a Jobo tank linked to a "lift".
The correct operation is to repeatedly and maniacally wash the tank with the film, and the Jobo lift if any, after fixing.

Then you extract your films one by one and wash them in a container where you prepared some diluted stabilizer. I personally use a round glass food container (Frigoverre, if you are Italian you possibly know them) which is not much larger and not much taller than my reels.

After one minute or so in the bath (with a little agitation) you take the film away, hang it to dry, and repeat the operation with the second film, then the third and so on*.

Stabilizer can be reused many times, until it remains transparent it is fine. Just wash the fixer very well before putting the film in the stabilizer. Washing the fixer is something mandatory in any case.

The instructions of the Digibase kit don't mention a wash bath between bleach and fixer. That's not very kosher.

Sequence should be:
(acid arrest, optional)
Wash very well

For modern C-41 film any stabilizer will do, so if you happen to be short of stabilizer for whatever reason you can use a stabilizer sold for slide film or a stabilizer from another kit. Anything labelled "final bath" or "stabilizer" will work. A simple "foto-flo" or something labelled "surfectant" will not be enough.

* Some people on APUG will actually advice against putting the reel inside the stabilizer. In that case you would extract the film from the reel and put it in the stabilizer. It's a bit more messy for sure. I immediately wash the reels with soap after the stabilizer.