Much to my amazement I found a really clean-looking Nikon F2 in an antique store for $20. It's the black body, has the Dp-1 metered finder, and there were two polarizing filters on a 35mm Nikkor lens. Needless to say I grabbed it as fast as I could! Focusing ring moves smoothly, meter works, very little brassing, and just altogether in great shape. Definitely was not worked hard.

The shutter sounds close to accurate at all speeds, however I found after a few days that the film advance lever would catch if I fired it at 1/30 or slower. After reading on the forums for a while, I mustered up the courage to take off the bottom plate and found the lever that was sticking. It appears the only issue is dried lubrication causing one small lever to catch after the shutter has been fired. Of course I realize that the best plan would be to have a professional CLA done, but is there anything I can do to clean/replace some of the grease on the winding mechanism? What would the best easily obtainable lubricant be? My funding is limited at the moment so if it's possible to do some maintenance like this myself, I'd definitely take the chance.