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Roger, please read the second paragraph of my post 223. That is why I cannot ignore these threads. I have had requests from students trying to piece together a history of Kodachrome, others want to replicate just one color image for a science experiment and etc. How can I ignore this. I said in the post you quote that I want and can do zip. That is not really correct. I can give out information and guide people to sources for more information.

Well you still could, you just choose not to do so. That's commendable, but how could you help those people if the threads were closed? Exact same result as if you ignored them. So you say you can't do it one way, but can do it if the mods do it for you. If you are really tired of answering questions and giving out information about Kodachrome, just stop doing it. You have no obligation to do so nor to get the mods to do it for you.

Honestly, we all appreciate all you do here, but you don't have to do everything (or anything) that you don't find fulfilling or don't want to do, just because you CAN. I've been told more than once I'm too nice for my own good. I think I can pass that comment on now.