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Well...maybe that's a factor of how colorful our surroundings are. It doesn't look like any reality *I* know, but I've never been out there. Well, it can - as I said, on an overcast day with a subject that should have bright color, it can make it look more like it would look on a sunnier day. But using it in already vibrant light seems to be overdone. My luke warm reaction to it also comes in part from the fact I've always found it difficult to shoot well. It has (or seems to have - I've not measured it just shot it) a range even narrower than other E6 films. I do a bit better with E100VS (alas) but would only use it in similar circumstances.
I know that when I used it in the PNW I thought it was garrish, but down here, it seems to fit the red landscape better. Maybe my desires have changed. It is extremely narrow, so its good to bracket.

OK back to Kodachrome