I just ordered 50 sheets of 4x5 HP5+ from Midwest Photo, over Amazon. The total price, including shipping, was $69. That works out to $1.38 per sheet. When I ordered from Badger Graphics last month, it was $61.63 for 50 sheets, shipping counted, which comes out to about $1.24 per shot. I got 50 sheets of FP4+ from B&H for the same price as the Badger Graphics, but the shipping was $2.00 more, which adds $.04 to the per sheet cost.

I buy my 120 locally, and all the Ilford films I can get run about 6 Euros each, or about $8.00, which comes out to about $.67 per shot.

The Kodak color 4x5 runs about $3.50 and up per shot, and come in 10 shot boxes via B&H and Amazon.

I hope this is what you're looking for!