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Backblaze is affordable for unlimited backups. I hope to never have to use it, but I still pull some files down periodically to make sure all is well. Still, if you're backing up corrupt files, it's a moot point. Sounds like something else is going on.

I had to use Backblaze's restore when two hard drives in a Raid I array failed within minutes of each other. GRRRRRRR. The Backblaze upload wasn't quite complete, so I lost some files despite the hard drive manufacturer's "help" with a routine which did no good. These particular drives failed for alot of folks and very few users were able to recover their files. A restore from Backblaze takes quite a while, (read several days!) but it did work. About the best $50 per year I ever spent.

I now have a new machine with 2 1T WD drives designed for RAID usage, the array is backed up to 1.5T drives in drawers periodically, and Backblaze is rarely more than a few days behind. I have also gotten an UPS, something I should have done years ago.

Still, when I consider the negatives I shot 50 years ago and those my father shot in the '30s, all still in excellent condition...I'd never throw them away, as some friends apparently have. They get their pix scanned to a CD and think that permanence is assured...NOT!