To me, Kodachrome is almost like the beginning of me being a REAL photographer.

I'd been shooting with my dads SLR for over 15 years and "professionally" for around 5, but I didn't feel like a real photographer, I had never shot film professionally Amd had been using digital ever since I went "pro" so when I heard about Kodachrome shutting down I realized this was my last chance. I had loved national geographic and Steve McCurry's work and still had NEVER shot on Kodachrome, only cheap Kodak gold or similar Walgreens type, since I was a kid, I simply brought it to the store, never developed anything myself, never took a class on it. Etc. I shot 3 test rolls of film on Kodachrome in October, got them back and they were ok, adjusted my shooting based on those 3 rolls and headed out and spent an entire month flying all over the country and never knowing how a single shot would come out till after I was done and at the lab in Kansas in the last day when I delivered my final batch. They had shipped my previous batches so I didn't see anything till I got home.

Everything came out amazingly well, I felt so accomplished, confirmed my skill level as a professional and gave me a purpose as a photographer.

It holds a special place in my heart, and I hope my future book about the adventure is well received (just finished recovering from the financial hit of the trip, and still scanning the film, it's a lot for me, i want it scanned perfectly and accurately, but I know my end result will be awesome.

Anyway, we all have a Kodachrome story, that's what makes it powerful I think. For me it fulfilled a childhood dream, still wish now I could shoot more, on 120, and take better advantage of the one roll of ASA 25 I had (everything else was 64). And create more as I improve and learn, but I guess I'll have to settle for Velvia haha I also miss Ektachrome (the blue tinge one) as I love the odd color caste, but at some point you have to let go of expensive or hard to find film and "focus" on what is available and consistent...

There was a point to this post, not sure if it made it through, but I guess it's that, we always miss the past, we forget the bad and only remember the good, so all the difficulties of K have left, and what's left are green grasses and red flowers and joy in our hearts for a time long since passed...

(I think I should save part of this post for my book... Lol)


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